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Peace Day Burger Pop-Up

Burger King along with four other restaurants made just 1,500 burgers to be given away at an Atlanta pop-up shop on September 21, a United Nations recognized day of "non-violence and cease-fire."

SET -  2015
Burger King | Atlanta, GA
Pop-Up Event Design, Graphic Design, Production 

Design Team: Katie Soule, Israel Kandarian, Executive Creative Director

Burger King made headlines taking out a full-page ad in national newspapers asking McDonald's to "settle their beef'  and  join it to make a Peace Day, to which the Big Mac maker politely declined but fans hadn't had enough.

Choosing a location halfway between it's and McDonalds' HQs SET was tasked with creating a custom built and cladded two 20′ raw shipping container to serve the “Peace Day” burgers. 

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