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Kaia Health

Driven by my Design Principals I strive to always put the user first through Human-centered, Effective Solutions and Engaging Content. During my time at Kaia I've been continually innovating within the marketing teams to build new campaigns that engage our members.


Collaboratively working with leadership, product, content, and sales teams to gather information, understand the end goals and strategize communication approaches.


Iterating and improving the design of the website and develop new components with the team while working on a clear design system.


Creating communication materials for client populations that engage new members to try out Kaia through engaging content for social media channels in various media formats.


And internally developing and refreshing the brand identity, standards and brand management tools as needed.


Here's a sample of some of the visual output: 

Kaia Health  -  2021-23
Brand Marketing  | New York City, NY

Strategy, Development, Design, Implementation, Production, Analysis 

Chief Design Officer: Glenn Garriock

Get to Know Kaia in 90 Seconds

Digital Therapy Reimagined

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