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Soko Glam Bloomingdales Pop-up Mini Store

Beginning as a e-commerce platform, Soko Glam's goal is to reach a wider audience with a brick and mortar location. The original 10-step K-beauty routine was streamlined with product and simplified to account for the new audience and pop-up store location in SoHo. 

SET  -  2017
Soko Glam | New York, NY
Strategy, Concept, Design Development, Graphics, Fabrication Oversight, Installation

Fabricators: Pink Sparrow, Brooklyn

Design Team: Benjamin Gray, Brent Eveleth, Executive Creative Director

For a successful launch that was true to the brand, principles pulled from the brand and traditional Korean skincare merchandising were explored.

  • Create a bright and warm environment

  • Flexible shelving for new product curations

  • Use material and brand style to stand out in the Bloomingdale’s environment

The end result, a fully cladded environment bright with flexible modular shelving, storage for overstock, and a link directly to high quality and useful video tutorials.

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